Posted on September 4, 2015

7 Horror Films on Netflix Worth Watching

Elizabeth Erwin

With so many horror films now going directly to Video on Demand, the ability to generate buzz and make a cinematic splash has grown progressively more difficult. Consequently, a number of recent, worthwhile films failed to gain traction with horror fans. So I thought the time was right to shout out seven horror titles that are currently available for instant streaming on Netflix. Each film profiled offers a take on the horror genre that falls outside of the expected. From updated tales of possession to wry social commentary couched in blood and guts, these titles are the best bang for your Netflix bucks!

Stage Fright

Stage Fright | Dir. Jerome Sable | 2014

The Premise: Camilla, the daughter of a slain opera singer, attends a musical summer camp in order to perform in a kabuki version of the last musical starring her mother.

Why You Should Watch: It’s basically Glee meets Scream with copious amounts of blood and gore. And did I mention that it stars Meatloaf? Because if that’s not a selling point, I don’t know what is.


Nosferatu | Dir. F.W. Murnau | 1922

The Premise: Count Orlock is in desperate need of new real estate and his agent is beginning to suspect it is for nefarious reasons.

Why You Should Watch: If you think that the cinematic vampire template was created by Twilight, then you need to immediately view this gorgeously shot and utterly haunting film. Despite its age, its icon status remains deserved and it is essential viewing for any horror fan.


Black Sunday | Dir. Mario Bava | 1960

The Premise: Asa is sentenced to death on the word of her brother and returns two hundred years later to exact vengeance on her descendants.

Why You Should Watch: Considered one of the best Italian horror films ever made, Black Sunday is a captivating example of gothic horror that holds up remarkably well and proves that no one can make you suffer quite like your family.

House of the Devil

The House of the Devil | Dir. Ti West | 2009

The Premise: College student Samantha finds herself babysitting for a couple who are not quite what they appear.

Why You Should Watch: Fans of Rosemary’s Baby will enjoy this homage to occult horror that is surprisingly free of cliché.


The Babadook | Dir. Jennifer Kent | 2014

The Premise: When her son begins displaying bizarre behavior, Amelia must determine whether the boy is insane or if something supernatural is at work.

Why You Should Watch: This indie horror gem is just the right blend of cerebral horror and twisted hallucination.


Antiviral | Dir. Brandon Cronenberg | 2012

The Premise: Set in the future where celebrity diseases are sold to fans looking for a connection with their idols, Derek attempts to operate on the black market with dire results.

Why You Should Watch: This send up of reality television and celebrity culture is a foray into the grotesque that will leave you cringing in your seat.


Honeymoon | Dir. Leigh Janiak | 2014

The Premise: While on her honeymoon, Bea awakes in the woods naked and with no memory of what happened. As she and her husband try and piece the puzzle together, it becomes increasingly clear that Bea is not quite herself.

Why You Should Watch: Ultra low budget, this film showcases some surprisingly strong performances and enough gross out scenes to pacify any horror aficionado.

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