Posted on January 4, 2017

Hopes for Horror in 2017



A Cure For Wellness

Due for release in February 2017, this Gore Verbinski directed psychological horror has stirred my interest.  The cyclical story has me wondering what they are hiding up there in the Swiss Alps. As one man goes to retrieve the CEO of his company from a wellness spa, his own well-being is tested. Will he fall victim to what ails all those who walk through these doors, or will he escape intact?  “Only if we know what ails us, can we find a cure.” If you are looking for jump scares and the such, this might not be for you as it is shaping up to be more of a slow building contemporary gothic film that taps in to your senses.


Also set for release in February 2017, this is my most anticipated sequel. As 2017 shapes up to bring us many, many remakes and sequels (IT, Leatherface, Alien, Insidious, Saw etc), Rings is the only one that I am cautiously optimistic about. This film has been teasing since 2015 and it’s long overdue. Not much has been released about the plot and the trailer doesn’t reveal much new in terms of the story. We shall see.

The Belko Experiment

Scheduled for release in March 2017, this film looks like a pairing of the corporate world and The Purge. 80 people are locked in their office high-rise and an omnipotent voice challenges them to kill or be killed. Talk about cut-throat decisions, as these folks confront the moral dilemma of whether to follow or flee. Can the characters save the many by sacrificing the few, or are they all doomed?


American Horror Story

The AHS empire has already renewed for the 2017 season. This will be their seventh season, due for release around October. There is no clear indication of which characters and/or actors will return, nor is there any confirmed plot. Brief teasers online have shown images of water, thus creating a frenzy of assumptions from fans. I am a diehard AHS fan and I adore the work of Mr. Ryan Murphy, BUT I have to say that anything has got to be better than season six of AHS. I am hoping for redemption from season seven.


Watership Down

Scheduled for broadcast in 2017 on BBC One and picked up internationally via Netflix. This will be a four part mini-series with a mega budget. Based upon the 1972 book and later 1978 animated film adaptation, I have high hopes that this one will equally scare the bejeezus out of me.  If you have any misgivings about the level of horror in an animated film about rabbits fleeing the warren, there is a generation of kids raised in the 70s and 80s who beg to differ.



Sadako vs. Kayako

Scheduled for its US debut via Shudder in January 2017, this pairing is the ultimate grudge match (pun intended) ranking up there with Godzilla v. Rodan and Tonya Harding vs. Nancy Kerrigan. This film takes the central character (Sadako) from the Ring films and throws a cherry on top with Kayako of the Ju-on/Grudge films. If you love J-horror, family horror, or creepy ass kids then you better register for Shudder soon.



Headless Horseman

Located in Ulster Park, NY, this haunt has been lauded by HauntWorld, MTV, Fangoria and many more for its full scale scares! Attractions include haunted hayride, cornmaze, escape room, and several haunted houses. Any haunt that has an age requirement and disclaimers about disturbing images is the type of haunt I want to be a part of.


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