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Burying the Ex

Posted on June 26, 2015

Burying the Ex Film Review

Elizabeth Erwin

R     |     89 min     |     2015     |     USA     |     Joe Dante

Released June 19, 2015 via Video On Demand, Burying the Ex is a tedious foray into the world of zombie comedy. With characters devoid of any personality and a running time that far exceeds the material, this film achieves neither the humor nor the scares inherent in the zombie comedy genre.

To be fair, fusing horror and comedy is always tricky. While some films excel at blending these two genres (Psycho Beach Party, Tucker and Dave vs Evil), others tend to focus on one part of the equation at the expense of the other (Haunted Honeymoon, I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle). But rarely has a film so completely missed the mark so as to be rendered utterly boring.

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