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Posted on May 22, 2015

Top Ten Horror Comedy Movies


The weather up here in the Northeast is improving and as we all get a little more Vitamin D from the sun I suspect the regional seasonal affective disorder is waning. Perhaps this is why I felt compelled to move toward the lighter side of the horror genre. Join me in celebrating some of the funniest horror comedies from over the years. I am going to preface this list by saying that I did not purposefully bias the list toward the 1980s (despite my overt preference for the decade). The 1980s are naturally a crucible for horror comedy and from a numbers standpoint this decade easily dominated the others with its overwhelming marriage between horror and cheese. The list is in chronological order as to not influence your expectations; the descriptions are a combination of my thoughts and imdb. I must also thank USA Up All Night for introducing me to most of these masterpieces.

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