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Posted on October 11, 2015

6 Predictions for Season Six of The Walking Dead!


After what seems like years of waiting, we are now mere hours away from The Walking Dead’s season six premiere! And so in between baking Carol cookies and coiffing my Eugene inspired mullet, I bring to you predictions!

6. – Daryl Gets His Groove Back
As a huge fan of Daryl (Norman Reedus) from seasons one and two, it’s been disappointing to watch what was once a nuanced character become so, well, emo. The expected arrival of comic fan favorite Paul Monroe, aka Jesus, puts the position of Daryl somewhat in jeopardy. Monroe is an able survivalist who becomes one of Rick’s most trusted allies. Sound familiar? The show needs to remind viewers of the reasons why we first fell in love with Daryl, and so I’m expecting to see a less teary-eyed and more badass Daryl take center stage. And if this metamorphosis could involve Carol (Melissa McBride), that would be even better!

5. – You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!- The Carl Version
It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I am not Carl’s (Chandler Riggs) biggest fan. And so it might be with more than a little sadism on my part that I am actively hoping that one of the comic book’s most memorable storylines comes to fruition. Carl losing his eye actually opens up a wealth of storyline potential and could be a defining moment in helping to transition that character from child to adult in the eyes of the audience.

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