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The Visit

Posted on September 12, 2015

The Visit (2015) Film Review


The Visit

PG-13   |   94 min   |   M. Night Shyamalan   |   (USA)   |   2015

Review: I should have gone to see Gremlins at the midnight movies tonight.

Synopsis: A brother and sister go for a week-long vacation to visit their grandparents for the very first time. Upon getting to know their grandparents they learn that there is something greatly awry in their Pennsylvania farmhouse.

Grade: D

The only thing going for this review is that I had about four hours in the car to think about it prior to going on a massive stream of conscious rant about how disappointed I was. Frankly, the only thing scary about this movie was that immediately after the film I was attacked by my neighbor’s dog. The most humane way I can put this baby down is to argue why I was so let down by this film.

I noticed that several film sites bill this movie as horror / comedy. Spoiler alert…it was neither.

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