Posted on April 8, 2015

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles Review


Lifetime   |   Sundays at 10pm   |   The Lizzie Borden Chronicles   |   Episode 1: Acts of Borden

Sometimes life forces you into hard decisions. For example, whether you should watch the new episodes of Intervention on A&E or test out Lifetime’s new series The Lizzie Borden Chronicles.  While neither will disappoint if you enjoy drama and suspense, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles premiere episode (airing on 4/5/15) was surprisingly AMAZING! This new series follows on the success of the Lifetime Movie Lizzie Borden Took an Ax (original air date 1/25/14) which chronicled the Borden murders and subsequent trial. The new series picks up in the aftermath of Lizzie Borden’s acquittal. While I did enter into the series with low expectations, I certainly will not make the same mistake after watching the first episode.

Christina Ricci and Clea DuVall have amazing on screen chemistry and do not hesitate to bring the drama. Ricci uses her legacy of portraying strong, dark characters to bring Lizzie Borden to life in a dynamic (and much more attractive) way [Bless the Child (2000), Sleepy Hollow (1999), The Addams Family (1991)]. The first episode used murder, sinister plans, black humor, and ominous foreshadowing to include itself among other dramatic horror series such as Bates Motel (A&E) and American Horror Story (FX). Ricci portrays such a charismatic and captivating role that she holds her own with the likes of powerful leading characters in American Horror Story: Coven. While the history buff may not prefer the dramatic license, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles premier certainly promises great things to come.


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