Posted on July 7, 2016

Road Trip: Lizzie Borden House Tour


Grade: A+

Review: A Superb Tour for the History Buff, Horror Fan, or the Adventurous!

I go to Massachusetts regularly and I kept meaning to get to the Lizzie Borden house but it just never happened. On this date, the stars aligned as my biannual Seabird & Whale Tales Trip with the New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance (NECWA) was cancelled and I had all the time in the world to run down to Fall River today. So I packed up my stuff and headed out. What followed was that I was excited, entertained, and educated by our excellent tour guide, Danielle (who is definitely “one of us” judging by her acute sense of humor, her Robert Englund tattoo, and her knowledge of the CON circuit).

Let me begin by saying that my tour guide was stellar and really made the experience special. Her wealth of knowledge and personal interjections were both informative and often hysterical. The tour guide never tells you with any certainty what happened in the house, they are careful to stick to the facts and let you come up with your own judgment. The inside of the home is fashioned with period pieces (which was a living replica of my grandmother’s house…down to the caned chairs and abundant doilies). The furniture is not original (thank goodness, as that would be gross) but there are sprinklings of original woodwork and belongings throughout.Lizzie CollagePhotos of the crime scenes adorn the rooms. Interestingly, the crime photos were only the second crime scene photos taken in history…you might have to ask your tour guide which was the first.

The tour offers local, medical, and family histories. One cannot fathom the amount of small (and insanely interesting) facts that this tour offers. You spend a significant amount of time in each room discussing the events that happened on the day of the murders. It is not just a walk through the house, but rather like living through a Criminal Minds episode uncovering minuscule details as a team. It is utterly mind-blowing to look back and understand the management of the crime scene, the 1892 autopsying practices, and how Mr. Borden was (sort of) present for Lizzie’s trial (but he was all broke up about it hahahaha…sorry couldn’t resist).

I can’t stress enough how good this tour was and how great my tour guide was. I highly recommend a visit to Lizzie Borden’s place.


The Nuts and Bolts:

Tours go out every hour on the hour between 11am – 3pm 363 days of the year (Thanksgiving and Christmas off). It is best to arrive early to purchase your tickets before the hour. The tour lasts almost an hour. As of my visit in June 2016, the price of the ticket is $18 for an adult with discounts for senior citizens, college students (with ID), and AAA. Mae sure you allow time before or after your tour to peruse the store. The store has really cool and catchy items that appeal to all.

For the adventurous, check in at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast for an extended experience. There are perks to staying overnight, first of them being bragging rights! It is said there are regular reports of the supernatural and the B&B even has ghost cams that can be accessed on the website.

Be sure to play around on the website as they have a bunch of cool features.


92 (Historical address) 230 (GPS Address) Second Street, Fall River, MA 02721

Phone: (508) 675-7333

Lizzie Collage2

This is a taste of the items they sell in their store. As a coffee & a horror fanatic who appreciates small businesses, I was pleased to see that they also sell Deadly Grounds Coffee and network with the team . These guys are regulars on the North Eastern Horror Con circuit so check them out – you can order online (hint, hint).

Fun Foods Nearby: If you are going to go to Fall River and you like pierogis then you need to check out Patti’s Pierogis It’s a few blocks from Lizzie Borden’s place and it serves a wide variety of savory and sweet pierogis, not to mention authentic Polish cuisine. If you are a foodie, then you might recall that this little treasure was featured on Diner’s Drive Ins and Dives.Lizzie1

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