Posted on September 23, 2015

Why EVERYTHING Works in FOX’s Scream Queens


The two hour premier of Scream Queens was everything I had hoped for and more. Where do I begin? It does what MTV’s Scream couldn’t, it takes it where A&E’s Bates Motel doesn’t, and it revitalized all that FX’s American Horror Story started with. This show has all the makings of greatness. Below are a few off the top things that the show has going for it.


This horror comedy makes the best of both the horror and the comedy. The pacing, the suspense, the one liners (Pissy Spacek), self-reflexivity (not running upstairs), and deaths are awe inspiring. I instantly was able to dive into the characters as if I was taken back to the days of watching Swan’s Crossing.  This show is a slick blend of Mean Girls, House Bunny, Black Christmas, and But I’m A Cheerleader.  Sorority Girls from Kappa Kappa Tau are being knocked off one by one by a demonically dressed killer. The story is dripping with campiness and political incorrectness. The season premier definitely leaves you craving the next installment in order to figure out who is thinning the crowd.

The CAST and CREW!!!

This might be stating the obvious, but let’s be honest, literally no one could surpass Jamie Lee Curtis (also on my horror hotties top ten list). But it’s not enough to just have her… her character is so well developed and she is used to the best of her abilities. The show also showcases the creative genius of Ryan Murphy as well as the special effects of Heather Langenkamp. Let’s not forget heavy hitters, Emma Roberts, Lea Michelle, and Abigail Breslin!



The show frequently tips its hat to the horror genre as well as its long-time fans. You feel like an insider when you see the familiar flicker of the lights in the autopsy room, or the cheesy music (from Sixteen Candles) when Grace shares a kiss, and the sounds of the group discovering a new body. Did I mention a great cover of Thompson Twins “Hold Me Now,” and Cory Hart’s “I Wear my Sunglasses.” Perhaps it is my overt love of 80s horror that makes me so optimistic for this unique and special blend.


I don’t want to give it all away but the deaths are intriguing, innovative, campy, and they just keep on coming.



I would have to say the performances of Tiffany (Whitney Meyer) and Jennifer (Breezy Eslin). The comedic delivery of Meyer and the subtle nuance of Eslin were sweet additions to this whole experience. Something as simple as the candle vlogger dripping wax onto her food in the background and sucking down mayonnaise with an oblivious smile pulled them into the company of heavy hitter actresses. Getting honorable mention was Lea Michelle’s hysterical wardrobe, I was a particular fan of the ice cream cone sweater.

In my eternal inability to be concise, you can see here that the premier was a wonderfully creative yet intensely-layered masterpiece. It relies on more than the supports of strong lighting, sound, wardrobe, and delivery of smart dialogue. It keeps the horror fan feeling like an insider yet doesn’t exclude the new viewer. And best of all, there seems to be room for a healthy bit of social commentary. We shall see, but I will be tuning in next week and I suggest you do too.

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