Posted on January 29, 2018

5 Horror YouTube Channels Worth Watching

Elizabeth Erwin

As you may have heard, YouTube recently dropped the bomb that only channels having 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the past twelve months (as of February 20) are eligible for monetization. For creators, especially those featuring horror related content, who, thanks to YouTube’s wonky algorithm, already faced increased obstacles in monetization, this decision has profound financial implications.

Because we appreciate the value content creators bring to the table, we wanted to highlight a few of our favorite channels in the hopes that you will go forth and subscribe/watch their work. While each of these channels offers up a unique contribution to the horror community, they all provide valuable content to fans. And though our list is far from exhaustive, there does exist a fantastic playlist of additional horror based channels available for your viewing pleasure.

Here is our list of the top 5 horror themed YouTube channels you’ll want to check out ASAP:

The Homicidal Homemaker:

With production values to make Svengoolie drool, The Homicidal Homemaker is a clever re-envisioning of the fusion of food and the macabre. Typically, horror films leverage food as a way of creating a sense of revulsion and disgust. Consider Blanche’s lunchtime surprise in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) or the spaghetti scene in Se7en (1995). But what makes this channel such a standout is how it reframes food within the context of the genre to actually make it appealing. Want a fudge encrusted take on the maggot ridden steak from Poltergeist (1982)? Done! While the culinary creations are arguably the stars of the channel, its winning blend of camp and old school home economics works largely thanks to its host, Kaci Hansen. Serving up a persona that evokes the silliness of early Elvira, Hansen’s deliciously subversive blend of domesticity and horror is downright addictive.

Recommended Sample:

The Splits Archive:

As the brainchild of horror writer MV Clark, this channel’s fusion of detailed analysis coupled with a genuine love for the genre is right up our alley. Offering a wholly unique way of incorporating fan engagement, its segment Title Fights is essential viewing for any fan looking to exist in that chill spot where a genre devotee can think seriously about film while still retaining her fannish love for all things horror. Title Fright pits two horror films with similar themes against each other and then lets the audience decide the ultimate victor. The announcement of each bout is followed by a carefully researched video exploring seminal topics within each of the films selected. Fans are then encouraged to vote and the results are shared in a follow-up video that incorporates the thoughts and analysis of fans from social media. While still a relatively new series, Clark has figured out a way to take typical film analysis and repackage it in a way to engage other fans. For that reason alone, it’s a series to keep an eye on.

Recommended Sample:

Adam Cesare: 

Listen, we’re three female academics so of course no viewing list would be complete without a nod toward a channel that takes horror books seriously, and Adam Cesare more than fits the bill. Primarily known for his addictive horror novels (seriously, check out Video Night), Cesare’s YouTube channel is an artful blend of appreciating the genre in all its forms. Offering up reviews and insights about both mainstream and out-of-the-box fare, both films and books, this channel is a useful resource for both horror newbies and veterans looking for recommendations from a knowledgeable source. Arguably the best known of the channels discussed here, Cesare brings to his channel an authenticity that translates to the audience. If he’s recommending it, you know it’s worth your time.

Recommended Sample:

Horror in Me: 

If horror-themed collecting is more your bag, it’s hard to find a channel with a more diverse offering than Horror in Me. With content ranging from unboxings and figure hunts to well-crafted examinations of real life serial killers, this channel is eclectic in the best sense of the word. But what really sets it apart from other channels of its ilk is host Darren Mitchell’s genuine enthusiasm for collecting. Whether you want to live vicariously through Mitchell’s killer personal collection of masks, figures, autographs and everything in between or if you just want to keep an eye on subscription box releases, Horror in Me is worth a watch.

Recommended Sample:

Spooky Astronauts: 

A personal favorite of mine, Spooky Astronauts is the perfect channel for the grizzled horror vet looking for something new. Its Horror Around the World series stands out as one of the few horror YouTube series that actively seeks to promote non-American horror films. While it covers the expected titans of horror filmmaking, for example Japan and South Korea, it also delves into what’s happening with the genre in some unexpected places, such as Ireland and Turkey. Emma, the host, is exceedingly knowledgeable about the genre and her quick take reviews provide an excellent gateway to viewers interested in learning more about the genre.

Recommended Sample:

So now that we’ve told you our favorite horror focused YouTube channels, what are yours? Let us know and we’ll make a list to shout out on Twitter!

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